Is the Future of Cryptocurrency Uncertain?

An uncertain future faces cryptocurrency, though there is potential for mainstream adoption in the next decade. As this tech is really only in its infancy, a lack of regulation, slow transaction times and overall instability keep onlookers watching from afar for now. This currency shows immense promise, however, so hope remains for the resolution of the main issues acting as barriers to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency. Until that occurs, those interested in this market may remain on edge, waiting for whatever awaits around the next corner.

Bearish Trends in Virtual Coin Prices

Amid the growing popularity of blockchain technology in 2017, Bitcoin prices steadily rose to an all-time high of almost $20,000. As the shortcoming of cryptocurrency came front and center, the market took a rather bearish turn with the value of Bitcoin toppling down to just over $3,600 by the end of 2018. Cryptocurrency trading continues to remain subdued and cautious with many hoping to ride out the lows and recover their losses in the near future.

Although turbulent, this process helped pull back the curtain on the barriers preventing cryptocurrency from maintaining stable interest and usage across many different industries. Until the barriers regarding a lack of regulations, slow transaction times and instability can be addressed, cryptocurrency values will likely continue to stall.

Future Predictions in Cryptocurrency Values

Cryptocurrency values will likely hold steady as the market awaits decisions from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) about the proposed bitcoin exchange-traded fund. This proposal shows promise in providing a structured way to trade cryptocurrency on the open market. A similar proposal has already been rejected, however, due to lack of investment security regulations. The creators of the bitcoin exchange-traded fund went back to the drawing board with the reasons for the rejection in mind to create an even better plan for the next attempt. With the most recent delay by the SEC, the decision will not come until February 2019.

Even with the establishment of beneficial regulations and the bitcoin exchange-traded fund, long transaction times will require attention before perceptions about cryptocurrency begin to change. Current transaction times can range from just a few minutes to hours as the miners in the system work through the confirmation process. Proposed solutions range from increasing the block size to speeding up the network to overcome this barrier to cryptocurrency success. None of the proposed solutions have been implemented and there is no timetable for doing so.

Even with those issues out of the way, there is still instability to think about, as the rapid spikes and dips in value colors public perception the most. With the widespread adoption and usage of cryptocurrency, it is possible to limit the instability characterizing the market today. Obtaining the trust of the public before the currency truly stabilizes will be the trick, however.

Public Perceptions About Cryptocurrencies – and the Need for Change

Beyond the three main barriers, the uncertainty of the future of cryptocurrency really comes down to public perceptions. If people even know about cryptocurrency, their perceptions are largely negative with many viewing the system as a scam or fraudulent in some way. The complexities of blockchain technology do not help the image of this digital currency either.

Overcoming the barriers making the future of cryptocurrency uncertain will take a dramatic shift in public perceptions. People need to have trust in the system to adopt it as a part of everyday life. Until that happens, the mainstream adoption of this currency and rebound of bitcoin values remains quite a way down the road.

News Release: Winner of 2019 ATMIA Educational Scholarship Announced

IRVING, TX & SIOUX FALLS, SD — Drumroll, please. The winner of the 2019 ATMIA Educational Scholarship Program is… Alicia Chance, CEO of Uptime Management Solutions.

Sponsored by TransNational ATM, the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) and Triton’s ATMGurus, the scholarship program is valued at $3,000 and includes a full conference pass to the 2019 ATMIA U.S. Conference at Disney’s Colorado Springs Resort in Orlando, February 19-21. Airfare, hotel accommodations, transportation to and from the airport and reimbursement for meals while at the conference are all included. In addition, Chance will receive Board level membership in ATMIA for one year and will go to ATMGurus’ comprehensive Retail Boot Camp ATM training at Triton’s Long Beach, MS location. This will be Chance’s first time to attend the conference.

Applicants for the scholarship had to provide both a written application and final recipients participated in a teleconference interview.

Chance has 12 years of experience in the ATM field, working with industry leaders such as Welch ATM and Cardtronics. A certified ATM technician and technical support supervisor, she has spent much her career focused on remote monitoring and maintenance, translating these skills to launch cost-reduction initiatives for independent ATM deployers (IADs) ‒ allowing them to better manage, maintain and service their ATM portfolios. She recently founded Uptime Management Solutions.

“It is an incredible honor to be able to provide Alicia with this opportunity. She will be able to meet and connect with people at the conference that will benefit her for the rest of her career,” Debbi Haacke, President of TransNational ATM said. “We are committed to educating our ATM operators, and we know that Alicia will benefit from this scholarship and continue to make a positive impact in the industry.”

“ATMIA is pleased to be able to cosponsor this scholarship and provide Alicia with the opportunity to enrich her education and career development,” said Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA. “In addition to meeting industry leaders, getting a broad look at the industry and seeing first hand many of the revenue generating opportunities available for IADs at our annual U.S. conference, Alicia will receive vital training from Triton on the entire line of retail ATMs being used around the world.”

The largest ATM industry conference in the world, the ATMIA U.S. Conference includes a full day of workshops and two days of educational sessions covering a multitude of industry-relevant topics, from ATM security to asset management and innovations in payment technology. It also features the largest exhibit hall devoted exclusively to ATMs and self-service payments, with more than 100 booths.

“With so many applicants it was a tough decision,” said James Phillips, ATMGurus Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “I’m very happy that Alicia will have the opportunity to attend the conference, explore the expo hall, be able to compare products and meet the people behind the companies who have revolutionized our industry as well as attending our Retail Boot Camp.”
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