TransNational ATM

TransNational ATM is an Independent ATM Deployer (IAD) for merchants and owners of small- to medium-sized ATM portfolios. We are an affiliate-based IAD and are structured to work with you, the portfolio owner and operator.

TransNational ATM recognizes how challenging it is to succeed in today’s business world. Our goal is to provide you with sponsorship to the 16 major financial networks, including MasterCard / Maestro / Cirrus and Visa / Plus through Meta Payment Systems. As your custodian, we act as an administrative extension of your business so you can tend to your company’s growth and overall management. In some instances, you may need an incubator before becoming your own registered IAD. In others, you may have decided that being an affiliate under a registered IAD is more cost-effective.

In fact, in recent years, being an affiliate has become more challenging. The industry has seen an unprecedented series of announcements that have impacted the financial aspects of being an IAD.

We encourage you to consider TransNational ATM as your IAD — whether you have decided to give up your own registration or you are in need of sponsorship for financial or size considerations. As an alternative to other IADs, we do not own or operate ATMs and, therefore, do not compete with you. You are responsible for your merchant relationships and day-to-day operations.

No matter the reason, we believe consolidation of owners and operators of small- to medium-sized ATM portfolios under a unique IAD like TransNational will continue.

And TransNational will support you — whether you have one location or hundreds.