How to Buy an ATM for Your Business

Installing an ATM machine in your business has many advantages. Studies show that retailers with ATM have 25% more foot traffic — and many of those transactions result in in-store purchases. Also consider the additional revenue you earn from the surcharge or convenience fee each customer is charged when they use your ATM.

When customers know you have an ATM, they can skip a trip to the bank and conduct a cash withdrawal and purchase needed items in one location. Not to mention the customers who visit your store that may not have enough cash on hand to complete a purchase. Having an ATM means you retain that customer and you make that sale.

How to Buy an ATM for Your Business

As a business owner, you have options for installing an ATM. Here are ways you can buy an ATM for your business and why having an ATM deployment service place and stock your in-store ATM is the easiest option.

Buy an ATM Machine. This is the most expensive way to enter the ATM business. In this case, you own and stock the the machine and their is no ongoing maintenance costs. But, once you buy an ATM machine, after the warranty expires you are responsible for any maintenance or repairs.

Leasing a Business ATM. While leasing is less expensive than buying an ATM, you will have to pay a fee to exit the lease if you decide not to continue in the contract. You do have the option of buying the unit at the end of your lease, but when you consider the full costs of leasing and purchasing, you’ve paid much more money for the ATM. That hardly makes leasing a smart business decision.

ATM Deployment Service Provider. This is the lowest cost option and is the fastest and easiest way to get up and running with an ATM portfolio. As long as you have a minimum amount of prospective ATM users, you can have an ATM placed in your business with included maintenance and optional cash stocking services.

Why Choose ATM Deployment

When you partner with a national ATM deployment service provider like Transnational ATM, not only do you acquire a fully operational ATM machine and maintenance package, you receive the administrative support needed to monitor and manage your ATM portfolio. Expect the following ATM administrative support when you choose TNATM to help you get started with a successful ATM venture:

• schedule low cash alerts and other cash and systems reporting
• activate a terminal to immediately capture transactions
• automate times to collect surcharges and interchange fees
• use your smart phone or tablet to manage your ATM business

If you desire to get started making extra revenue from an ATM installation and the increased business they generate, contact TransNational ATM or visit our website learn more on this profitable venture. As an Independent ATM Deployer (IAD) we do not compete with your business. We want you to maintain your merchant relationships that you have worked hard to obtain and keep.