Our Philosophy

TransNational has built its business one terminal at a time. Whether you are new to the business or have worked with other ISOs that may not have met your needs, choose TransNational because:

  • It’s a good bet that TransNational is the only IAD (independent ATM deployer) in the United States that does not own and operate ATMs. This does not mean that we are any “less” of an IAD than any other company in this industry. After more than 10 years in business, we know just as much as our competitors and have many of the same relationships they have. Our strategy means we do not compete with you for attention from your merchant. We want you to maintain your merchant relationships that you have worked hard to obtain and keep.
  • Education of prospects and clients supports our tenet of integrity. We want you to understand the industry and make sound decisions that allow you to stay in this business for many years. We share what we know.
  • We believe in customer service and are available, easy to work with and supportive.
  • TransNational is an industry advocate. In a mature industry where some stakeholders/constituents — including the networks and federal regulators — roll over us, we want to advocate for the industry.

When you partner with TransNational ATM, we provide you with the necessary support to help you build and operate your ATM portfolio in the manner that best suits your needs. This may include:

  • Sponsorship for your ATMs
  • Customized services for:
    • Cash management
    • Equipment sales — new and refurbished
    • Installation and maintenance services
  • Ancillary products such as:
    • Bill-pay kiosks
    • Surcharge-free network
    • Cardless cash
    • Crypto currency terminals

The TransNational Differences:

  • We are not in competition with our clients.
  • We believe in customer service, so we are always available, easy to work with and supportive.
  • Education of prospects and clients supports our tenet of integrity.
  • We believe in advocacy for the betterment of the ATM industry
  • We built this company one terminal at a time; we value individual operators as much as larger ones.