“TransNational ATM has provided us with sponsorship for six years. Whenever there is a question about month-end settlement, Jannie Huntington, Database Coordinator, spends the time to prepare a thorough response with supporting data. She stands by Kingston Business Systems when a problem may impact a merchant location.”

— Jawaid Iqdal, Owner, Kingston Business Systems

“A combination of great customer service, attention to detail, prompt action and education helps us manage our business on a daily basis. TransNational takes its sponsorship role seriously. We know they have our backs when it comes to compliance.”

— Thy Batton, Office Manager, eTran

“Debbi Haacke, President of TransNational ATM, educates me about compliance issues, network rules, processor enhancement information, trip reports following industry tradeshows, and new technologies. She knows that an informed client is a good client and lends to everyone’s success.”

— Dale Marmalich, Owner, CASS Service Solutions

“We are developing a portfolio under TransNational ATM and are consumed with scouting locations, activating terminals, updating software, loading cash, and working through telecommunication problems throughout the Southeast. TransNational is right by our side and works closely with our office staff to keep business flowing smoothly. They support us with the heart of a teacher.”

— Patrick Quinlan, Owner, The Money Machine

“During my years as Executive Director of NAC, I have found TransNational ATM to be among our most well-informed, engaged and supportive ATM ISO members. TransNational’s President, Debbi Haacke, has proven herself to be an extremely capable and hard-working industry veteran who has given generously of her and the company’s time/resources to support the work of NAC. This includes participation in our annual industry conference’s educational programs, helping supply data for our industry initiatives, and attending DC political fly-ins. Thankfully, Debbi and her company recognize the powerful tool that effective industry advocacy can be in lifting the tide for all U.S. ATM deployers/suppliers.”
— Bruce Renard, Executive Director, National ATM Council

“TransNational ATM views Hartfield Financial Solutions as a valuable partner in its business offerings. Debbi Haacke demonstrates the highest level of integrity in all areas of her business and personal life. She recognizes the value of our cash-management services which we provide to her clients. We look forward to furthering our relationship to help stimulate growth for our customers and the industry.”

— Sandra Hartfield-Papie, Owner, Hartfield Financial Solutions

“As one of our earliest advocates of cardless transactions, I have watched Debbi Haacke go from no-way, no-how position regarding our complementary product, Bitcoin, to being well-informed and enthusiastic about the power of blockchain technology. She recognizes the business opportunity, and we look forward to TransNational ATM offering JustCash services as part of its product portfolio.”

— Todd Lawrence, CEO, JustCash

“Meta knows when we work with TransNational ATM that we are working with a professional organization. Debbi Haacke’s steady growth exemplifies how she manages her business — thoughtfully, focused, and with an eye on compliance. When a question arises about an operator or a provider of vault cash, she has an immediate answer.”

— LeRoy Huntimer, Director, ATM & POS Sponsorship, Meta Payment Systems

“I am impressed with the efforts TransNational ATM has undertaken to invigorate its business.

When you are busy handling so many day-to-day responsibilities, Debbi Haacke doesn’t waste her time wondering what to do. She picks up the phone to get the information she needs.”

— Wes Dunn, Senior Vice President of Sales, GenMega