Vault Cash Services

Nowadays, access to cash is one of the most challenging aspects of our business. Without cash, you cannot purchase and fund an ATM, particularly the more sophisticated kiosks that do more than dispense $20 bills. Solid cash forecasting skills are an art — backed up by lots of data. Use vault cash so you can spend time growing your business rather than focusing on non-revenue-generating tasks.

Our partner, HFS Financial Solutions, offers a comprehensive approach to ATM placements. You find the location and HFS will order and install the ATM; forecast and order your cash; and arrange for timely first- and second-line maintenance at less cost than a maintenance provider. With sponsorship provided by TransNational and HFS’ turnkey solution, you have a trusted party to manage ATMs that require more cash than you have access to or are inconvenient geographically.

Some of the Benefits of Managed Vault Cash

  • Allocate cash where it is needed so you can free up your cash availability of other opportunities
  • Benefit from industry best practices, including forecasting for load optimization, powerful web and mobile control panels for scheduling orders, and invoice reconciliation
  • Access to armored carrier management through multiple armored carrier options
  • Minimize costs and claims associated with carrier errors
  • Provide coverage nationwide, 7 days a week, 8 am to 8 pm coverage
  • Ensure guaranteed response times through online and mobile ticketing

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