Is the Future of Cryptocurrency Uncertain?

An uncertain future faces cryptocurrency, though there is potential for mainstream adoption in the next decade. As this tech is really only in its infancy, a lack of regulation, slow transaction times and overall instability keep onlookers watching from afar for now. This currency shows immense promise, however, so hope remains for the resolution of the main issues acting as barriers to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency. Until that occurs, those interested in this market may remain on edge, waiting for whatever awaits around the next corner.

Teaching Kids About Cash in a Digital World

People “of a certain age” have similar recollections of how they learned about the value of money. Saving nickels and dimes in a piggy bank, plunging their hands under their pillows to discover the tooth fairy left a dollar, cashing their first paycheck, or holding their first $100 bill taught us that money had value to buy what we wanted. But a 2016 Pew Research article revealed that nearly a quarter of Americans don’t use cash at all in a typical week. Between debit cards, currency apps like Venmo and PayPal, direct deposit and auto-pay features on every thing from rent to utility bills, we live in a society that’s becoming increasingly cashless. If cash is no longer king, how do we teach our children about the value of money?

Restoration of Mutilated Money

Money is valuable to adults, but it’s nothing more than green paper to a curious toddler. A couple from Utah recently found that out when they discovered that their two-year-old son Leo put more than $1,000 worth of cash they had stored in an envelope through the family’s paper shredder. Jackee Belnap, Leo’s mother, explains how he was likely only imitating her when he observed her shredding unwanted mail.

Ways to Protect Against ATM Card Skimming

Thieves who steal money from people by skimming ATM cards take in millions of dollars each year and their tactics are becoming more sophisticated all the time. They do this by setting up ATM machines to read account numbers and PINs and then hack into customer accounts to drain them of funds. This involves installing a small device on an ATM that electronically reads account numbers via the debit card’s magnetic strip. Some other methods that thieves may use to skim customers using an ATM include:

Cash is King

Think of the last time you filled up your vehicle’s gas tank. As you were pulling into the service station, you likely noticed that the price if you paid by cash was a few cents less per gallon than the price were you to pay by credit. Though many service stations have enacted this policy to maintain profit margins (it’s estimated that credit card transactions cost about 3 percent more than cash-only transactions), this is an example of why cash is still relevant in today’s world. In fact, it’s estimated that 40 percent of all transactions in the U.S. are made using cash. Conversely, less than 20 percent of transactions are made with credit cards.